Meetup Blockchain Innovation Week

Together with the Blockchain Society Lab we host a series of 3 meetups on May 24 at the Blockchain Innovation Week

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Enough of “let’s test and see”? Time for deployment and go-live?

Is Blockchain ready for implementation in the sustainable development sector? How can the maturing technologies of blockchain and AI support the effective and efficient deployment of funds, execution of trades and the verification of their impact? Blockchain Society Lab & The Spindle organise three meetups on May 24 during the Blockchain Week in The Hague Tech. We will set up various informative presentations from experts in the field and interactive workshops that could help anyone to take a step further towards Blockchain for humanity and sustainability.

17.00 – 18.00 Meetup 1
A workshop on use cases for the humanitarian sector and a focus on creating and capturing impact for unlocking capital. There will be room for an open discussion, allowing stakeholders of the sector to be actively engaged.

  • Introduction of The Blockchain Society Lab – Julian Sommer
  • Use cases for the humanitarian sector – Yvo Hunink (author of this online magazine about      blockchain technology)

18.10-19.10 Meetup 2
A workshop on designing a use case proposal and unlocking capital.  During this hour, we will form groups and actively learn from each other, having the chance to present the formed ideas at the end.

  • Rapid exploration of use cases and making a first project proposal – Yvo Hunink
  • Group action

19.20 – 21.20 Meetup 3
Want to know who is actually implementing projects and creating impact? This workshop is all about what implemented impact looks like. Meet the doers!

Location: The Hague Tech

Interested in joining us? Please click here to sign up for one of the three meetups! 


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