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Accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector

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Due to the measures taken by the Dutch government considering the coronavirus outbreak, Partos and The Spindle take their responsibility. Therefore: 

  • The ‘Kick-off Event: Digital Journey’ will take place digitally. Participants (i.e. The LinkingPins) will receive an e-mail with further information. If you didn’t subscribe yet, this is still possible!
  • If you have any questions, please contact Margreet van der Pijl:

In 2020, The Spindle is facilitating a Digital Journey for Partos members. This journey will provide you with the opportunity to share the digital innovations you are proud of, as well as your brilliant failures, and the risks and ambitions your organisation is dealing with. With this journey, we take a ‘deep-dive’ into joint opportunities through four different sessions; this ‘Kick-off’ event being the first you can join!

Let’s go on a Digital Journey
Anno 2020, the world is moving towards a new era in which digital innovation needs to be integrated within broader (digital) existing ecosystems to create actual impact and stay sustainable. However, too often the development sector is developing (expensive) stand-alone digital solutions that do not reach their full potential because existing (digital) ecosystems were not taken into account during the development phase. Therefore, The Spindle, as the innovation platform of Partos – will facilitate the Digital Journey for the connected and intrapreneurial innovators of Dutch development organisations, the so-called Linking Pins. Together we will explore digital commonalities such as tools and ways of working that various development organisations already work with or wish to start working with.

Important note: becoming a LinkingPin and joining all the events of the Digital Journey is only possible for Partos-members who have been in contact with Margreet van der Pijl already. However, in a later phase of the journey others can also contribute to various actions (stay tuned!). If you want to become a LinkingPin and join the journey, you can contact Margreet van der Pijl (

On Tuesday 24th March we will still kick-off the Digital Journey with a design session. We will host this session online. LinkingPins, representatives of more than 20 Partos member organisations will exchange best digital practices, brilliant failures, ambitions and potential risks. Together, the participants will see and sense the system of which they, their organisations and the sector are part of as a start to create possible joint actions during the rest of the journey. This morning will be all about sharing knowledge and uncovering opportunities for the next step in the journey.

Practical information
Date: Tuesday 24th of March
Location: Online (via Zoom)
Time: The meeting will start at 10.00 and end at 12.00. The online room will be open from 9.00. At 12.30 there will be an extra lunch presentation of Sander van der Waal of the Waag Society on: “The Internet is Broken, but we can Fix it. The Public Stack”.

*Participants will receive an e-mail with all the information they need to join this online session 

Please sign up via this form if you are a LinkingPin who wants to join our (first) event of this journey

The Digital Journey

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