Webinar: Introduction to the Guide on NGO and Company Partnerships for Inclusive Business

Join this online webinar to discover the key findings of the recently published Guide on Inclusive Business Partnerships and listen to the experiences of NGOs and companies

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Are you interested in Inclusive Business Partnerships? Do you want to know how to create and manage such partnerships between NGOs and companies? Curious to hear about real, direct experiences of the two parties involved? Then join the webinar on July 23, 15.00-16.30 (CET), where the recently published Guide on NGO and Company Partnerships for Inclusive Business and its key findings will be presented.

Inclusive Business Partnerships constitute an innovative and promising form of cooperation between NGOs and businesses. However, the NGO world and the private sector differ significantly and sometimes cannot even understand each other. This makes cooperation between the two challenging. This is why The Spindle commissioned Endeva to write a guide on the topic, which has recently been published. The writing process involved the collection of various case studies, as well as extensive feedback from a core group of the Dutch Platform Leave No One Behind.

The Guide on NGO and Company Partnerships for Inclusive Business is specifically aimed at NGOs, but it is undoubtedly relevant for companies too to be able to understand their NGO partners better and be confronted with a mirror of their own experience. The publication is a very practical tool which focuses on the how of inclusive business partnerships and covers the entire process – from the decision to engage in such a partnership to the possibilities of scaling up or moving on. You can read the full guide here.

In order to distil and spread the key findings of the publication, the authors are organising a webinar on July 23, 15.00-16.30 (CET). This online session will feature:

  • a presentation and discussion of the main findings on Inclusive Business Partnerships from the Guide as well as practical and useful guidelines on how to approach and manage them;
  • interviews with NGOs and companies featured in the guide, in order to hear about their direct experiences with this form of cooperation and the lessons learnt;
  • Q&A.

Accordingly, you can expect a highly interesting and inspiring exchange, so make sure not to miss it!
To register, please send an e-mail to Christian Pirzer (c.pirzer@endeva.org.) You can join the webinar via this link!

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