Workshop Inclusive Business Partnerships

Exploring the relevance and ways forward for companies and NGOs to create and strengthen inclusive business partnerships.

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What are the opportunities in partnerships between companies and NGOs? How can we create inclusive business partnerships that are strategic and contribute to attaining the SDGs? What are the best practices, and on the other hand, pitfalls? These are some of the questions that our upcoming event, organised in collaboration with Global Compact NL, Endeva and PUM, aims to address!

In an informative and diverse setting, we will explore the relevance and ways forward for selected companies and NGOs to create and strengthen inclusive business partnerships. First steps towards new partnerships can be taken, and new ‘collabs’ can start!

Expected takeaways from the session:

  • Insights into how such partnerships can contribute to the various SDGs, especially related to food security, water and energy, health and environment, inclusive employment and economic growth, and gender equality. Highlights from a publication on this theme will be shared;
  • Hands-on information by companies, incl. a case by DSM, and NGOs about the opportunities, pitfalls and risks of specific inclusive business partnerships;
  • Opportunities to meet potential new partners through speed dating.

On behalf of Global Compact NL, Endeva, PUM and The Spindle, we welcome you to apply to join us on April 16th! Due to limited space, this event can be attended by invitation only. Once you have applied, we will let you know as soon as possible whether you have been selected.

Practical information 
Last week, the Dutch government announced various measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible until April 6th. Unless the government’s measures are extended beyond April 6th, the event will take place as scheduled in the Malietoren in The Hague on April 16th from 15:00 until 17:30. In case a physical event on April 16th is impossible, the organising team will prepare a virtual alternative. Whether the event will be physical or virtual will be confirmed asap after April 6th. The detailed agenda, incl. required preparation will depend on if the event will be physical or virtual.

Apply via this form if you are a Partos member and interested in joining this collaborative session:

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