Mid-Term Review

By The Spindle

Initiated by Partos, The Spindle is rooted in the conviction that there is a huge potential for innovation among Dutch organizations and their southern partners. The Spindle is made possible by a five-year grant from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Partos membership contributions. Partos, with its constituency of about 100 member organisations, allows The Spindle to function as the binding factor between Dutch development organisations, their Southern partners and other actors and engage them in the field of innovation for development. The Spindle was in November 2018, half-way through the time financed by the Dutch MFA. The findings of this Mid-Term Review (MTR) can serve to design The Spindle’s activities for both the remaining period of the current grant and for the long-term future of The Spindle (beyond 2021).


By using an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach, this MTR focuses on what works well and subsequently doing more of it. The information itself was gathered through the Outcome Harvesting methodology combined with the research tool Sprockler, which enabled the collection and visualization of outcomes for this report. Outcomes were collected and classified by a team of harvesters, all of which are coming from The Spindle. While all 82 harvested outcomes are credible, 21 outcomes were substantiated by 24 stakeholders, who are knowledgeable about the outcomes. The findings of the Outcome Harvesting are presented in an online interactive report, which displays all the outcomes and their relevance for The Spindle. Or you can read the whole report below.



Publication date: February 2019

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