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Episode 1 | Innovate Yourself
Why is innovation seen as complex by so many people? In this Podcast, global innovation author and speaker, Gijs van Wulfen makes innovation simple again, so you and your team can innovate yourselves successfully. We talk about what innovation is, why it matters, idea killers, conservative managers, how to create an innovation culture and what Confucius can learn us to become innovators. Gijs van Wulfen is a well-known global authority and trusted advisor on innovation, inspiring speaker, author of 4 global innovation bestsellers. He helps organizations worldwide to jumpstart innovation and create new products, services and business models through his innovation methodology, FORTH.

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Episode 2 | Post-Growth Entrepreneurship
Our economies and companies are addicted to exponential growth. But is this good for our planet and our society? In recent years, social entrepreneurship claims to offer an alternative – but something still doesn’t feel right. Melanie Rieback, the founder of the world’s first Post-Growth company Radically Open Security, talks about her practical experience building “nonprofit businesses” in combination with the macroeconomic theory of “post-growth” economists like Tim Jackson and Kate Raworth. This talk will question everything that you know about entrepreneurship, business models and sustainability within Development Cooperation. Can you go back to “business as usual” again?

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Episode 3 | Design and wicked problems
Professionals working in international development are often interested in human-centred design. A mindset and approach that sits at the intersection of empathy and creativity. Together with Rahmin Bender, an entrepreneur and social psychologist, we will talk about what design is, debunk myths about design, explore how to solve wicked problems through design, and how you can become a designer yourself.

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Episode 4 | Data-Science for Good 

Data science, as a field, tends to get obscured by so many buzzwords (“AI!” “Deep learning!” “Big data!”) that relate to what we can do, without a lot about why we would do it in the first place. Why data-science? Technologies progress and develop, data becomes more prolific and useful. How can data-scientist help the rest of the world catch up? During this episode data-scientist Joe Kroese, founder of Citizense will tell us all about data-science. What data-science is, how data-science is different than information or traditional research, what impact data-science can make within sustainable development, and how you can become a more data-driven organisation.

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Episode 5 | To be continued… 

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