Claire Barnhoorn
Claire Barnhoorn

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Claire: “Our sector experiences a proliferation of new apps, tools and other tech-solutions. The AidMetrics platform aims to improve aid responses by connecting humanitarian responders to the ‘right’ tools and solutions, It allows users to review tools and share experiences regarding specific tools, connect to research as well as to innovators. This facilitates a more responsible use of resources and research regarding tools and (data-driven) innovation, as well as improve informed decision making.”

The AidMetrics platform brings together tools & innovation 4 aid, by connecting & reviewing them to, by & w/ practitioners, innovators & researchers.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
The humanitarian and development sector experiences a proliferation of new apps, tools, analysis platforms and other tech-solutions. Currently these sectors suffer from duplication of efforts and waste of resources. At the same time, many of the solutions never make it beyond their prototype stage or fail to scale. Furthermore for field level aid actors it is almost impossible to connect to the ‘right’ innovations, since they are hard to find while being in the field, or are often hardly documented. Finally, humanitarian innovations, very often suffer from a disconnect between the three core knowledge domains in humanitarian innovation: innovators, practitioners, and researchers. However, for successful and impactful innovations, these domains need to collaborate.

What is your solution to this problem?
The AidMetrics online platform aims to improve aid responses by connecting humanitarian responders to the ‘right’ tools and solutions. The platform will host several integrated repositories with enhanced search and review capacities. Users (practitioners, researchers, innovators) can add tools, or review tools. Resources can be added, weather lessons learned, use cases or academic writings. It connects the three domains of the field, academia and innovators in a neutral platform. One can compare tools based on it’s use, typology, requirements, features etc, and learn from actual users in the field, as well as from research and innovators in an accessible and user-driven platform. To make use of what is out there, not to re-invent or make the same mistakes as others might have done, to build upon the work of others. AidMetrics will therefor help to reduce resource wastage, lowering costs in tool development and enhancement in order to maximize benefits for crisis-affected people.

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
Due to the power of it’s simplicity and the impact it will have on the sector. AidMetrics is driven by aid workers who have extensive experience build up both in the field and became experts in implementing technology driven solutions. Currently a black box for most, but with AidMetrics it will become as easy as scanning LinkedIn, but this time for tools. It will connect users and data driven innovation globally. Together improving this domain by not re-inventing but re-use, share and improve.


claire barnhoorn
Claire Barnhoorn


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