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Babymigo is a platform that helps mothers ask, chat and connect with vetted, certified experts (lactation consultants, sleep therapists, paediatricians, childhood development e.t.c ) for 1:1 sessions that take place in their homes or virtually. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for mothers from pregnancy through baby’s first year and parents feel supported and cared for at vulnerable times

A women-focused platform connecting expecting mothers and parents to maternity and childcare service providers via SMS, app and web portal.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Across Africa, Over a million babies are estimated to die in the first 4 weeks of life yearly but most die due to preventable causes. Thousands of mothers also lose their lives due to complications arising from childbirth. A Global report estimates that over two-thirds of newborns & mothers could be saved through access to health, support programmes and medical personnel. Today, they are limited resources, local content & knowledge – Pediatric resources in Nigeria are limited and unevenly distributed, resulting in anxious young parents. For instance, they are only 600 paediatricians to more than 9 million babies born annually in Nigeria. Babymigo wants to help decentralize information asymmetry by providing the most comprehensive support using SMS, mobile app, web portal and offline support networks. Today over 400million African mothers presently have little or no access to informed decisions during & After pregnancy

What is your solution to this problem?
Babymigo is a platform that allows expecting mothers and nursing mothers to ask and get answers from doctors via SMS, USSD, Mobile App and Web portal.

We are presently leveraging on SMS, Bot, Facebook (free basics in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya & South Africa), simple and easy to use Mobile App and a Web portal to:

  • Provide mothers with access to informed health information
  • Track their baby and mother’s health
  • Ask and Get answers to their questions in real-time from medical experts & Experienced mom moderators
  • Find and book maternity services like paediatricians, nanny services etc

Our target audience is pregnant mothers and parents (with babies between 0-6years) across Africa. Presently, about 400million fall into this category across Africa. By 2050, Nigeria alone will be a population of 450 million people. The annual birth rate is projected to be about 25 million by 2050.

What is your latest update on your innovation?
Today, we have 90,000 mothers registered on our platform. More than 30,000 questions have been asked from mothers from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and more than 100,000 question given.

Over 1000 mothers have shared testimonies after safely delivering their babies. We have also partnered with more than 7,200 services and connect 800 mothers to these service providers. We presently engage more than 300,000 mothers weekly on our Facebook page.

Why are you going to win the Best Innovation for Development Award?
We leverage on the use of simple but powerful mobile technologies to provide access to health care and support services to expecting mothers and parents with babies (0-6years) using SMS, mobile app and web technologies. Our solution will greatly reduce maternal and newborn mortalities and most importantly provide the most critical support needed by mothers and babies in the first 18 months of birth which is currently lacking significantly in Sub Saharan Africa.


Lauretta Mopelola

Olanrewaju Adeloye


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