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Beacon Chat is a mobile application built on Internet of Things framework, it provides an inclusive communication platform for both deaf and hearing individuals operating at no cost, regardless of WiFi or network coverage. This way it facilitates deaf individuals access to healthcare even in places around Africa that lack pervasive connectivity.

Inclusive communication platform for deaf that catalyzes IoT to facilitate access to healthcare without need of sign language expert.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Lower Understanding of sign language has left over 400 million members of Deaf community around the world marginalized and unable to access basic human services like Health Care. With an inadequate number of Accredited Sign Language Experts, Deaf patients seeking aid in hospitals have been subjected to poor medical services. Hospitals complain of hefty fees charged by Sign Language Experts, where they ask for $145 per hour. A real-life example is the story of Alfred Weinrib, an 83 cancer-stricken Deaf man who died without knowing his diagnosis after 3 Long Hospitals failed to provide a Sign Language Expert for Seven Months. There are more than 1000 even worse such cases reported annually around the World. With hearing aid production only meeting 10% of the deaf population, the problem remains unresolved to date and Beacon Inc provides a low-cost solution using Bluetooth.

What is your solution to this problem?
Beacon Chat is the solution, combining Internet of Things and Natural Language Processing to provide an inclusive communication platform for both Deaf and Hearing individuals operating at no cost regardless of Network or WIFI coverage. This way individuals like Alfred Weinrib can access health care without the need for a Sign Language Expert, thus saving lives. Leaving no one behind, we are able to serve communities leaving in unconnected areas with low-cost connectivity options for accessing health care. We charge the hospital $10 per hour, while the application is free of use by the end beneficiaries. We promote Gender Equality by facilitating easy access to sexual and reproductive health to women who are often economically marginalized and trapped in poverty.

What is your latest update on your innovation?
Latest update on the application is a Sign Language Keyboard that utilizes Natural Language Processing to allow for an offline sign to text translation. This will enable Deaf individuals who are illiterate to be able to communicate in Sign Language. A key feature that plays a huge part in the integration of Deaf in mainstream society and Inclusion for all.


Allan Okoth

Pauline Gitau


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