Call for Soul

Rai Azhar Hussaian
Rai Azhar Hussaian
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Rai: “Call for soul is a cry to save the world from terrorism. This piece of land in the wilderness of Galaxy is the only safe place for humans. Now we have to listen the voice of soul and care for those who suffered their lives or become injured in this war of so called differences. Now we have to develop active listing among the masses and try to figure out the gray areas of human differences. We have to raise this powerful voice or call for soul that conflict is human but violence is not.”

Call for Soul is a voice from humanity and inner pain of questioning. What we are? and Where we are? Why the scars of terrorism disfigured the face.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Being a survivor of a terrorist attack, I have decided to raise the voice of the soul. In this part of the world i.e. Pakistan, no one care to thing about the rights and rehabilitation of victims of Terror (VOTs). So, I have tried to figure out some programs for the rehabilitation of VOTs. My main focus are those survivors whom seeking or waiting for any miracle and looking up above the skies having no hope.

Describe your solution to this problem?
At the first point when doctors declared that there is no hope for my life and asked my wife that survival chances are very limited being on ventilator for almost one and half month but i came back and rehabilitate myself. At that point of time, I have decided to work for the victims like me and start visiting them. Share my own story of courage and resilience. convey them to stand up of change. Give them hope for a batter world. trigger their souls to stand up for new life and see the positive face of present situation. This effort brings a good results and at this stage I am convinced that if we all collectively stood up for change we can get amazing results and may fight against Counter Violence Extremism (CVE).

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
I am selected Acumen fellow for the year 2017 on the basis of my idea and work as mentioned in earlier columns. So, I am hopeful to win Spindle Award for my call for soul.


Rai Azhar Hussaian
Rai Azhar Hussaian

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