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The Community Tablet is a social development platform that provides learners with Internet access and learning of the civic education programmes. It is equipped with all basic features of a portable computer such as access to the Internet by means of a touch screen. All our educational programs such as academic curriculum, agriculture, health and financial education are delivered in a digital format. We aim to fast-track education in Africa through technology.

The Community Tablet ultimately aims to promote digital inclusion and empower communities in Africa and all third world countries. #DigitalInclusion

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
By promoting access to ICT we strongly believe that we can increase the intellectual level of the users, we aim to convert topics into short videos/ cartoon animation where users can quickly learn, promote also interactive games where users have to apply what they watched in the movies to the games and introduce them to internet as a an important research tool for the specific topics and other in order for them to enrich their knowledge on health information in rural areas, the Community Tablet aims to improve communications among healthcare institutions, provide support to reordering medications and facilitate data monitoring in rural clinics. Since schools are largely unavailable in remote areas due to lack of connectivity, the Community Tablet can also be used as a local library for the youth and the local community to access learning resources. The Community Tablet ultimately aims to promote digital inclusion and empower communities in Africa and all third world countries.

What is your solution to this problem?
After observing the speed of assimilation of new material observed by young children with access to digital devices. A similar notion is brought in place to introduce and disseminate information in the rural environment. The interactivity with message content was also important to ensure that the participant could retain the information and increase the likelihood of applying it. The community tablet is focused on civic education areas: Public health, financial education, Agriculture, literacy, always in partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations in rural communities in order to promote better understanding in specific topics.

What is your latest update on your innovation?
Through the program “Creating the Mozambican Scientist of Tomorrow”, we introduced the Community Tablet to rural communities from the South to the Centre of Mozambique –

providing the infrastructure to facilitate affordable access to ICT and the Internet in communities with little or no digital literacy skills. We focused on civic education campaigns enabling local communities, students and farmers from various age groups to interact with our platform and connect to the Internet.

Statistically, very few rural communities have experienced the Digital Era we live in today. The Community Tablet was created to improve digital literacy in rural communities. This advocates e-learning as the way forward for Africa’s development. Our strategy combines “digital inclusion” with “E-learning for both young and old”. The focus is also on video conferencing and online courses to fulfil the delivery of the message.


Dayn Amade


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