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Marieke de Vries
Marieke de Vries

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In lobby & advocacy we are often in multidisciplinary teams, working with other CSOs, companies, governments, even with opposing views. We need them to reach our goals and dreams. In order to have succes you need to connect from your heart and your head. That is how even the biggest enemies find common interests to work together. My innovative training focusses on the psychology of human interaction, the unconscious influence of your reptile brain and the power of an open heart in the practice of persuasion.

Civic power of the heart and brain; we can't choose the people we lobby with to reach our dreams and goals. We can prepare to connect for succes!

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
The ongoing problem or staying on our own islands trying to save the world. The problem of the powerless being unable to have their voices heard. The problem of power abuse by people with money and/or power. The problem of capable women being invisible. The problem of ineffectivity in negotiation processes, political systems, aid and relief programs due to egos and humans ineffective communication. The problem of working or competing next to each other on the same problem but not together. Working together is hard, People all have their own ideas that are often not similar. But working on a shared goal means you have to get away from your personal view and look at the higher goal and bigger picture. Through partnerships, tripartite bodies, aid and rescue programs we are forced to work together without considering cultural, financial and organisational differences or even

competition of power struggles. As an expert in negotiation in conflict situations, I can solve this problem.

Describe your solution to this problem:
My solution to this problem is awareness, consciousness and knowledge. It seems to simple to be true, but still little time and money is spend on this way to improve effectivity, increase empowerment and decrease frustration. I designed a training that makes you look at:- yourself and your preassumptions and behavior, – the group and the goals and interests, – the other with preassumptions and non verbal communications. It teaches about the psychology of the brain and how your unconscious is leading you. It teaches you to prepare for any conversation with friend or enemy, tells you about groups and power. It teaches you tools and techniques for negotiation and persuasion.

But more importantly, it makes you feel empowered to open up your heart and approach the other for success. This solution increases and speeds up the process of building trust, which is necessary to work together. It gives power to powerless, creates an equal level playing field and creates innovative ideas.

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
This innovation gives a present to everybody on the personal level and also on the business level, It gives efficiency and cash, it creates time in a world where we lack time to STOP-LOOK-LISTEN. It teaches you how to find and use your own power, to create the human connection. It is one step towards a world without (power) abuse, anger, violence and misery.


Marieke de Vries
Marieke de Vries


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