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Nadia Pralitasari
Nadia Pralitasari

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Nadia: “Decent Work Check enables garment workers and employers to check compliance on labour law and minimum wage regulations online or through mobile apps. Summarize result of Decent Work Check per factory will be publish on factory page in Gajimu-Indonesia garment website along with Collective Bargaining Agreement applicable within factory. The factory page enables more effective monitoring of working conditions by workers, employers, brands, and buyers”

Decent Work Check : You works in garment? Check and learn about your working conditions, one simple step to achieve happier working life.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
The textile and garment industry is one of Indonesia’s top economy contributors. Despite being the country’s largest employment sources, workers are subjected to poor working conditions in factories, which includes low wages, forced overtime, job insecurity, discrimination, among many others. Minimum wage in Indonesia are considered high compare to minimum wage in other South East Asia countries, however it is not always applied in many garment factories. Big garment factories often use second and third tier subcontractors, which is where workers are hired on a daily basis, and earning much less than the minimum wage. These daily workers and/or contract workers tend to does not have the same labour rights as permanent workers. The workers in this sector approximately 80-90% female, who are vulnerable to several violations. This is can be cause by low labour law knowledge which made them unaware of the violations and fear of being afraid of termination from the job.

What is your solution to this problem?
By combining key elements of our services, Gajimu come out with Decent Work Check (DWC) Survey mobile application. In DWC Survey, you’ll find 8 topics to be check includes : Employment Security, Working Hours, Minimum Wage, Maternity at work, Health and Safety, Social Security, Fair Treatment and Right to organize.
The DWC Survey will be done by workers and/or Trade Union by using tablets/laptop. The DWC Survey can be used as training materials to raise awareness on worker’s rights and is a tool for Trade Union to recruit members, because the faster way to improve working conditions is through joining Trade Union. The result of DWC survey will be presented to Trade Union and employers, for them to use it as a basis of negotiations and improvement in working conditions. If there are no improvement, result will be published on factory page in Gajimu garment website. This factory pages enables monitoring of working conditions by workers, employers, brands, and buyers.

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
Because this innovation could be used as an easier way to collect data, create databases, and give public access to assess their workplace situation. The result also will be presented in a way that it is not too complicated for all stakeholders to understand. By this, we are providing transparent labour market information therefore workers and employers can make an informed decision


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Nadia Pralitasari
Nadia Pralitasari



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