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Design a digital platform to support Directorate of Education at the local Municipal level in providing: transparent, democratic, accountable, and monitoring recruitment process of school staff in primary and secondary education in public schools across Kosovo. This innovative idea not only contributes to corruption reduction, but also to education quality which is a SDG #4. Through new ways of working together with municipality on data, we ensure active citizenship and thus create civic power.

E-QUALITY is a digital platform that aims to contribute to zero corruption in the recruitment of school staff at local municipal level across Kosovo

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Kosovo faces numerous challenges and one of the major challenges is: corruption. In Corruption Perception Index, Kosovo ranks 112 out of 176 countries; this ranking indicates its position relative to the other countries and territories in the index. In other instances of Transparency International, Kosovo is the most corrupted country in Europe. Fighting corruption is a massive topic. Therefore, our innovative idea tends to fight corruption in education sector, more specifically in the recruitment of school staff in primary and secondary level in public schools. This idea emerged from personal experience. I am a teacher and I have noticed that there are teachers with a degree in history teaching also computer science or a degree in biology and teaching mathematics. According to Programme International Student Assessment, Kosovo is the 3rd worst country in the world in the education assessment. This is why our problem is very well defined and specific for its innovative solution.

What is your solution to this problem?
The solution is as follows below:

  1. Develop a digital platform – digital infrastructure (this is already developed). Digital platform that will be linked with the Directorate of Education at the local Municipality. The digital platform contains information such as: school name, picture, and address as well as school staff name surname and Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Train school staff (teachers, principals, educators, janitors, secretary, pedagogy) to write a Curriculum Vitae – LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND
  3. Collect school staff Curriculum Vitae – MAKING DATA COUNT
  4. Train the employees at the Directorate of Education to place the data qualifications i.e. CVs in the digital platform. This way the Directorate of Education will become transparent, accountable, democratic, effective in governance to its citizens.
  5. Digital platform with data will be available to the public for monitoring. Parents/guardians/students will be able to see qualifications of school staff employed – CIVIC POWER

What is your latest update on your innovation?

  1. The idea is a result of the Balkans Hackathon in April 2018. The innovative idea won the first place in the Balkans by the European Fund for Balkans. The team won 1,500 euro; however, that is not sufficient to cover our expenses therefore, we are seeking further funding to implement the idea.
  2. Data collection from the municipality on the number of schools in Mitrovica, the number of students enrolled in primary and secondary education in Mitrovica, number of teachers teaching in primary and secondary education in Mitrovica. Mitrovica is a town in the northern region of Kosovo. Data – Key Metrics
    42 schools, approx. 32,000 students, 1890 teachers and educators, 42 principals, 42 secretaries.


Anesa Colakovic

Hysein Damati


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