Mindaugas Kaziulis
Mindaugas Kaziulis

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Mindaugas: “YAPILI is a peer-to-peer web platform and Android App offering new opportunities for many Africans to connect to local and western health professionals in an efficient and confidential way. In the societies, where professional health advice is hard & expensive to get, YAPILI offers free of charge, anonymous and secure channel to seek medical care in case of pregnancy & family planning, diabetes & hypertension, HIV & sexual health, mental health and lifestyle diseases.”

YAPILI connects African people to licensed physicians, both locally and internationally. Health advice & follow up & digital records. #Health@Hand

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Access to quality healthcare services is difficult for the vast majority of Africans. Many live great distances from the clinic, must wait in long lines, and pay unaffordable fees. Among other issues: sexual health is highly stigmatized; there is a lack of awareness and data collection on the rapid emergence of non-communicable diseases; such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension; issues related to mental health are rising and are under discussed. Medical records are still an issue as patients must keep hold of handwritten records – which are easily lost or forgotten! Different clinics are reluctant to share their patients’ records and often view each other’s notes as illegitimate or incomprehensible. There is a vast use of social media (particularly Facebook groups) for individuals to share information and questions about their illnesses often resulting in the diffusion of false information which is dangerous and is definitely a contributing factor to public health outbreaks.

What is your solution to this problem?
African countries are advancing rapidly in technology. By the end 2017, 30% of Africans will have a smartphone, and internet penetration is 70% in countries such as Kenya. People are using mobile technology to interact, send money and do so much to enhance their daily lives. So we thought, what if we could leverage mobile technology to expand access to healthcare. What if health advice could be at hand? This is YAPILI. It is easy to use, maintain and scale. Inspired by the phenomenon of gig-economy and end-user platforms in other industries, YAPILI brings the innovative model to healthcare and relies on three elements leading it to success at scale: real-time, crowd-based and peer-to-peer. YAPILI leads by example in terms of data privacy and safety and security of the platform.

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
YAPILI aims to solve a wide spectrum of multifaceted problems; from the individual to the international-development level. Yet, it is a simple idea driven by the thought that through innovation in the operating model and technology, we can build a sustainable, scalable and impactful business. YAPILI opens up borders and changes the way the world collaborates for better health.


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Mindaugas Kaziulis


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