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Jangolo is the largest online ecosystem for agricultural value chain stakeholders in Cameroon. Jangolo is an AgriTech startup. A farm management platform, www.farmer.cm has been developed with main objective to increase the performance of the farmer. This allows the farmer to maximize his effort in production leading to improved efficiency and profit. Jangolo provides an ecosystem applicable to all the stakeholders of the agricultural value chain where they can interact more effectively.

Jangolo farmer allows farmers to manage and record informations online about farm activities performed for a better follow up of their farms

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
The majority of farmers in Cameroon invest more than 50% of their time in ancillary activities( activities not directly associated with the main activity). Ancillary activities include; bookkeeping, logistic, sale, searching for funds etc, this causes a significant reduction in the time available for farming activities. In addition, access to proper information (such as appropriate training and techniques, current market prices, access to suppliers etc.) at the right time is of paramount importance when trying to develop a sustainable/successful business. The market instability puts the farmer in a vulnerable position due to the high fluctuation rate of certain food products in different cities. The limited capital/resources of farmers causes them to refrain from supply contracts or eventually breaching contracts due to the inconsistency in farm yields.

What is your solution to this problem?
The platform(www.farmer.cm) provides functionalities for farms’ management, bookkeeping, efficiently recording of production date and yield forecasting(available after purchase) through the web and mobile application. The farmer therefore has knowledge of his/her cost of production and can use this information in estimating the profit margin. Registered farmers are provided with the option of selling their products on the online sales platform, thereby decreasing the number of middlemen involved from farm to market and providing the possibility for farmers to sell at higher prices directly to the consumers leading to an increased profit. The farmers have access to several companies through our platform offering services such as consulting/expert advice, training, farm inputs and machinery, packaging, logistics etc. The time and effort utilized in trying to get in touch with firms offering such services is reduced significantly.

What is your latest update on your innovation?
Jangolo Farmer mobile application is available on Google play store to facilitate the access to the services offered by the platform. It becomes easy for the users to view announcements about the sale of agricultural products(B2B) and services, consult market prices and follow up agricultural production(for registered farmers).

Farmers application | https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jangolo.farmer


Bertrand Foffe

Rose Daphnee Ngameni Tchonkouang


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