Living Light

Ermi van Oers
Ermi van Oers

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Ermi: “Living Light is an atmospheric lamp that harvests its energy from the plant living closely besides the lamp itself. The light of the lamp is produced by ‘plant microbial energy’: energy generated by bacteria in the soil and harvested by microbial fuel cells. Softly stroking the leafs transforms this ordinary plant into a Living Light. The duration of light depends on the well-being of the plant: the better you take care of the plant, the more energy you will receive from the plant.”

Living Light, a lamp which harvests its energy by the electrons released through bacteria in the soil during the photosynthetic process of the plant.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Man- made climate change and the growing scarcity of raw materials symbolise an urgent need for finding replacement systems that redefine our relation to nature. If humans want to remain living in the world as we know it today, new and improved (energy) systems need to be established in order to maintain the balance between human need and the potential of nature to provide humans ever growing demand for energy and further supplies.

What is your solution to this problem?
We are fascinated by the fact that energy is hidden in unexpected places. Our aim is to make this energy visible and heighten the awareness of the potential power produced by nature. These valuable resources will define our future systems. With Living Light our goal is to create a world in which plants become part of our energy system and where technology and nature will merge. Besides to the positive environmental impact Living Light will establish and the enormous potential it imposes, we want to show the beautiful and poetic side of ‘living energy’ and forge new connections between humans, nature and technology. This ethos forms the basis of this initiative, The Living Light, a research and development trajectory in collaboration with Plant-e in establishing the energy transition through the (em)power(ment) of nature.

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
Living Light embodies an innovation with huge potential: it combines nature, biology and technique in a game changing way. LL is a step further into our balanced existence with nature: through LL we will be reminded of the beauty of nature and our reliance on it. LL will once again remind us that if we take good care of nature, nature will provide us with everything we need. This state of mutual dependence is a realisation humans lost over time, a realisation which we need to get back in time.


Ermi van Oers

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