A mine risk education project that aims to protect children and youth from harm by landmines, cluster ammunition and explosive remnants of war

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We are planning to implement a mine risk education project which contains four different approaches to raise risk awareness, create risk sensibility and enable a safer living environment.  Our main goal is to create Educational App for children and youth. Due to the fact that mine areas are often difficult to reach, and working there requires a high amount of professionally trained personnel it is costly to educated children in those mine areas.

Currently, we are developing comics. As a first step we plan to publish and distribute it in schools located close to landmine contaminated areas.

With the application of new technologies, this process can be facilitated through informing and educating children in safe conduct and spreading information on how to behave in dangerous situations

Stop undermining the risks

A mine education app will be created to promote engagement through interactive games which will contain educational information. We plan to translate the United Nations Mine Action Service Guidelines into accessible language. We will use comics and heroic characters to increase the interest in application. Along with application, we also plan to create Brochures, Games, Videos.

The brochures will be distributed to schools in order to raise awareness and contain pictures of different types of mines and contact information in case of any mine emergencies. Games will include practical approaches and demonstrations about what to do when encountering a landmine. Videos for the general education on mines will be also developed for the children.


All four approaches will be interconnected and will contain similar information with similar characters.

Lala Mustafazadeh
Summer Lab Participant
Nils Hegel
Summer Lab Participant


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