Leo Hart
Leo Hart

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Leo: “In the fast and furious information overloaded and morely digital world, there is a need of coming together. And work together on your shared mission and vision. And to assure yourselves you mobilize your co-workers, your members and your partners, or to get mobilized the way you want it. According your shared values and your drive to get things done, together. is the mobile enabler that will help you, support you and what is a safe haven for your data. Your sensitive data.”

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Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
To many communities have difficulties to have an excellent structure in working together into the same direction. More idealistic communities do not care about their backoffice, while complaining on the other end that there is no backoffice in place, That sounds like a paradox, but is it is with many organizations the daily-show. Excel sheets and mailing attachments to each-other while no one really know what had been decided and if there is budget left in the program. Furthermore, without a set of communication processes and the proper toolset, the need of an oldfashioned projectmanager is evident. While this structure, with all the agile and scrum type of workforces rising up in popularity, is not done anymore. We want to cooperate and share all of our values. We want to have a common toolset what supports our new way of working together!

What is your solution to this problem? is not just another toolset. is a modular structured set of open source applications, ready to support the designated workforce. provide a team the power to communicate with each-other, to use the same data, to share it on a very safe place and most of all, to stay in budget. will socialize and harmonize the team, while it can be role independently. It can bring everyone alligned, with data published via CMS or Instant Messaging tools. And all aboard via a single-sign-on to enter. All the word processing, filling in spreadsheets, budgeting and so on, all is available in One of the problems of willing to go ERP, like SAP or MS Dynamics, is for so many not for profits way to expensive. is ERP, and license free. The problem of expensive software is herewith solved, and the programfunds can be spend for the reason that it is meant. The ideal.


Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
Because we are good, reliable, innovative, flexible, support-driven and using applications out-of the box.


leo hart
Leo Hart

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