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Stories behind disruptive thinkers and doers within sustainable development

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Disrupt Development is a Podcast platform that shares inspiring stories of disruptive thinkers and doers within Sustainable Development. Stories about transformative idea’s, innovative projects, impactful products, groundbreaking systems and new partnerships all aiming to accelerate impact towards Sustainable Development.

Whether you work for a large corporate or a small social enterprise. Whether you work for a non-profit or a public institution. Or whether you are an individual who is looking to do GOOD. Listen to the Disrupt Development Podcast, become inspired and explore how you can disrupt your own world.

Podcast Disrupt Development

Why this podcast?
The Sustainable Development Goals provide a global plan of action for addressing the globe’s most pressing challenges. They are the universal call to action for all human beings. However, traditional approaches are too slow to keep up with today’s global’s challenges. We need to reinvent ourselves if we want to keep up. Radical change is required and for it, we need disruptive thinkers and doers. Visionaries from all sectors who dare to challenge the status quo. Disrupt Development is a Podcast platform that shares inspiring stories of disruptive thinkers and doers within Sustainable Development.

Alexander Medik x The Spindle
Alexander Medik is the host and creator of Disrupt Development. In the last decade, he has worked

globally on incubating innovative processes, products, platforms and partnerships on topics ranging from peacebuilding, human rights and youth-leadership and education to HIV/AIDS, gender equality and digital health. Having fled Georgia, a war-torn country in ’94 has given him dedication and intrinsic motivation to work towards a more socially just world by sparking collective action. He is an Interdisciplinary social scientist by education, Post-growth entrepreneur by religion, Creative problem solver by heart and Activist by nature and above all he is on a mission to Disrupt Development. Sharing the same vision The Spindle is a partner of Disrupt Development and supports the development of the episodes that are in line with the themes of the Spindle. The Spindle contributes to the podcast by delivering interesting topics and possible interviewees.

Did you create transformative change?
Are you interested in sharing your disruptive story on the Disrupt Development podcast? Or do you know someone else who should share their story? We’d love to hear from you. Who knows? Maybe your story will end up here, as well. Drop us a mail: disrupt@disruptdevelopment.org.

Overview of all the episodes
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Annewies Kuipers
Annewies Kuipers


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