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Bart Verkruijssen
Bart Verkruijssen

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Bart: “Supporting your favorite charities while purchasing online or viewing ads? That’s possible now! Without incurring any costs to you. For you nothing changes. You purchase in the same way as you’re used to. And pay the same price. And up to 10% goes to your favorite charities! Just download the sponsorbutton once, with two simple clicks. That’s all. And we’ll take care of everything.”

Support your favorite charities for free with up to 10% of your online purchases. Easy in 2 clicks. Automated, once and for all. That's

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Ody addresses 5 major issues in one simple solution.

  1. Charities have a lot of goodwill. They hardly monetize this on the web. They fish in a more or less stable pond of € 5B p.y. Ody enables charities to expand the pond to € 7B. How? By empowering supporters to automatically direct part of that financial value to their favorite charities.
  2. Most people are unaware of the financial value they create on the web. Ody empowers supporters to be able to choose where to direct some of it.
  3. People like to support. Trials to monetize the goodwill of charities have largely failed. Because it required extra actions everytime you purchase or view ads online.
  4. Supporters seem to be greyer all the time. How do you link the activities on the web of the new generations to effective financial support?
  5. Webshops, operators, hardware suppliers are looking for perfect one2onemarketing and profiling themselves as MVO.

What is your solution to this problem?
An intelligent sponsorbutton and server enable supporters to automatically redirect some of their online marketing value to their favorite charities. Whether you purchase a book, buy a phone, book a hotel etc,up to 10% goes to your favorite charities. Either you download the sponsorbutton once or had it pre-installed in the hardware you purchased. For the enduser the solution is extremely simple and user friendly.

Charities can address their installed base for additional financial support without it costing the enduser any money. Why leaving money on the table when you can direct it to your favorite charities?

Older people may be hesitant to participate. When something is too good to be true, it usually is, isn’t it? Young people tend to try a lot of stuff and keep what works. The sponsorbutton also is a direct communication tool enabling charities to show the results of the support realtime interactively.

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
Ody solves a number of important issues. Ody releases the untapped € 2B of goodwill of charities on the web.
Ody empowers supporters. They now have a choice. Some of the financial value they create on the web they can now direct to their favorite charities. Automatically! Ody creates perfect one2one marketing and enables webshops, hardware suppliers and operators to develop their MVO responsibilities.
Young people experience donating in ways they understand and like.


Bart Verkruijssen
Bart Verkruijssen

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