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“You are a stupid girl… I wish you would die”

After years of abuse from her parents, Brenda, 12, was locked up in an adult jail for stealing food. What did her future hold? Brenda had no idea. The Ugandan justice system is notoriously tough.

That’s why Chance for Childhood launched Right2Change 2.0, the first ever social franchise to scale up a proven Justice for Children model in Uganda. By replicating low-cost community-based services and transferring ownership to a network of local Ugandan franchisees, we’ll give access to fair justice & rehabilitation to 26,000 vulnerable young offenders

#Innovation alert: @ChanceChildhood is launching the first-ever social franchise on justice for children in #Uganda! Right2Change 2.0 is bringing fair and child-friendly #justice and diversion services to thousands of marginalized young offenders #NoChildForgotten #SDG16

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
In 2018 in Uganda, there were 18,832 child-related offences, 60% of which were petty theft and anti-social behaviour. Children who commit petty crimes for survival face grave injustices, stigma and human rights abuses. They’re either detained by the police in inadequate conditions for indefinite durations; sent to overcrowded adult prisons where they face violence and abuse, or released with no form of rehabilitation or support. This situation seriously undermines the welfare of young offenders and often directly violates their human rights.

This problem is fuelled by a lack of knowledge amongst frontline workers (eg police officers, judges) in the handling of juvenile cases, no legal aid and lack of social workers and rehabilitation opportunities (education and employment). There is no standardised approach to tackling children offending/reoffending and funding lacks to support case management of young offenders. This leads to 1 in 3 children reoffending, caught in a vicious circle.

What is your solution to this problem?
Developed by Chance for Childhood since 2015, Right2Change is a unique model that delivers fair justice, reduces juvenile crime and improves inter-community cohesion. Our approach combines legal aid, education & training, psychosocial support and microfinance to deliver a holistic diversion package. Since 2015, we’ve helped over 2,000 children in Uganda and achieved a 1% reoffending rate. The cost per beneficiary is £58, compared to an estimated cost of £174 per child in detention.

Right2Change 2.0 brings alternative routes to financing a bigger impact and better outcomes. Our social franchise mechanism is critical to achieving momentum for scale that we couldn’t achieve alone. Over the next 5 years, the aim is for our social franchisees to support 26,400 children. By 2023 we expect:

  • A reoffending rate kept below 2%
  • 80% of participants complete education/training and find meaningful employment
  • 70% of juveniles accepted back in their communities, reducing stigma and exclusion

What is the latest update on your innovation?
Since 2018 we’ve been working, testing and refining our business model to bring Right2Change to scale. Since January 2019, we’ve conducted market research and are in the process of developing manuals and resources to support franchisees to buy into the Right2Change model and implement it with high standards and quality. We are now working with Ugandan consultants and our team to secure accreditation and validation of the model by relevant government ministries by the end of 2019.

We are also working intensively with Comic Relief, who is funding us to get “social franchise ready” to ensure that Right2Change is scaled up so that young offenders in Uganda have access to a better future in the coming years.

Between September and March 2020, we will cultivate a franchisee pipeline and negotiate a contract with franchisees. We aim for our first franchise to be signed in April 2020, which will mark the launch of our pilot year.



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