How can we effectively strengthen the self-esteem of the excluded and at the same time address stigmatisation and discrimination in communities?

Annewies Kuipers
Annewies Kuipers
Innovation facilitator
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The Leave No One Behind platform decided to put this project on hold for a while, given other priorities and because the topic seems to be a ‘cross-cutting’ aspect of all the work on the LNOB platform.

We need to improve our methods and tools in the field of empowerment, discrimination and stigmatisation.

About the project

Many of the extreme poor are not only excluded by the community or institutionally, they also exclude themselves due to low self-esteem. It is a downward spiral. Stigmatization and discrimination in communities causes loss of self-esteem, which causes exclusion. Although this is a widespread phenomenon, the impact of psycho-sociological factors on poverty is underestimated and is often not, or only partly addressed in development programs.

Some programs focus on empowerment of the socially excluded while other programmes address discrimination and stigmatisation by communities. We believe that effective interventions are needed at both levels and that we need to improve our methods and tools in this field. In the sessions organized by the Platform Leave No One Behind, this project invites you to present approaches to address self-esteem. Through sharing experiences, we will identify proven

and promising solutions, and we will identify persisting challenges in addressing self-esteem that require our joint efforts to find innovative solutions.

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Annewies Kuipers
Annewies Kuipers

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