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Leaving no girl behind in the digital divide

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Imagine a girl such as your daughter or niece; able to read, full of ideas, but without future job opportunities ahead. We want to address the missing link and want to tackle this by creating an ICT and code learning lab for Malawian girls, who do not have a computer or basic ICT knowledge. This will offer a connection to already existing higher-level coding programs, a network of coders and local organizations to enable them to perhaps startĀ up their own businesses.

Bridging the gender gap
The courses will have a focus on societal themes girls face, for example designing content upon gender based violence, as Malawian girls also face challenges as gender inequality and child marriage. A digital divide is looming in Malawi, while digital tools actually bring loads of opportunities along for young girls to sustain in their own livelihoods. We believe we should not leave these girls behind in a world where things are possible.


Team members

Aukje Postma

Esther Konijn
Summer Lab Participant
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