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Uthabiti app connects youths to a network of certified pharmacies that retail safe sexual health (SH) products. Our mission is to fight Counterfeit SH products that put our youths at risk. Through Blockchain technology, we are able to secure and transmit batch numbers data from manufacturers to consumers. Our app uses batch scanning to verify products helping us achieving sustainable development through healthy living and wellbeing, reduced inequalities, and responsible production and consumption.

Connecting youths to safe sexual health products, Using blockchain technology to secure and transmit product's data for verification by batch scans.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Counterfeit medicines account for Sh9 billion in sales annually in Kenya, according to the Kenya Association of Pharmaceuticals Industry (KAPI), who estimates this to be 25 percent of the total legal commercial pharmaceutical market. February 2018, Population service Kenya (PSK) issued a worrying notice on counterfeit condoms, which put users at risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) flooding the market. 7th May 2018, The Kenya Anti-counterfeit Agency has confiscated about 31,000 pieces of fake “morning-after” pills estimated to be worth Sh7 million. Youths account for 20.3 of the Kenyan population. The youth population fall victim to counterfeit sexual health products, which cause increased dependency levels because of unplanned pregnancies. At times pregnant youths opt for abortions pills, which turn out unsafe and may cause infertility or death. Some of the counterfeit sexual health products contain poisonous ingredients that cause instant death.

What is your solution to this problem?
Uthabiti using blockchain technology to connect sexual health pharmaceutical manufacturers to consumers through batch scanning that validates the legitimacy of their sexual health products by screening through its supply chain, verifying against Uthabiti’s batch number database. We developed Uthabiti mobile app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.uthabiti.uthabiti) Which connects youths to certified pharmacies who retail safe sexual health products. Through this app, they are able to purchase products at a tap of a button and have them delivered to their doorsteps. On delivery, they scan the product’s batch number to verify its legitimacy. Alternatively, when they purchase SH products by themselves, they simply log in to our app and scan for legitimacy before purchase. Uthabiti has partnered with leading sexual health manufactures who have supported the fight against counterfeits by confidentially passing their batch numbers data to Uthabiti for public verification.


What is your latest update on your innovation?
In January 2018, Uthabiti Health Africa, officially incorporated blockchain technology to the Uthabiti mobile app, in a quest to safe proof the sexual health products supply chain. To date, Uthabiti has successfully completed 2,300 doorstep deliveries, successfully verified up to 5,000 scans. Partnered with 4 leading manufacturers/distributors (6 Brands) of sexual health products. We have spread across Universities in Kenya, with Moi University being the pioneering and piloting point. To date students in; Maseno, Masinde Muliro and Egerton Universities have openly expressed Uthabiti App being their refuge in sexual health products purchase – especially on the emergency morning-after pills, due to its convenience, reliability and safety. As from April 2018, we launched research on incorporating other health fields that are adversely affected by counterfeits. We project by 2019 June we will have cracked into the verification Malaria meds.

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