Menno van Pelt-Deen
Menno van Pelt-Deen

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Menno: “One of the hardest things to do after sexual abuse is to talk about the experience. Feelings like guilt, fear and shame cloud your inner judgement to express your feelings and start healing. Even worse, children often lack the vocabulary to actually verbalise the sexual and / or intimate acts. VilDu is a visual, interactive and playful language that already took 3 weeks form a therapy session of a sexually abused child. De Rading is implementing the playful therapy tool to help other victims.”

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Talking about sexual abuse is hard and difficult. Learning to speak about sexual and intimate encounters, wishes and boundaries often feels ambiguous and troublesome. This is especially true for victims of sexual abuse, suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. We wish to present children with a language of their own. One that incites conversation but does not necessitates is.

What is your solution to this problem?
Two iPads present two characters and various icons. With it children can show what happened to them or what they wanted to happen. Check to see how the game works and read the full story on:

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
We dared to turn a tough issue, that is under much scrutiny and elicit strong emotions, into a playful environment that is non-normative and safe. Which is a huge innovation when it comes to sexual abuse interventions (often focused on explaining what is right and wrong, but seldom empowering children to decide for themselves what is appropriate). The tool already proved its usefulness in helping victims of sexual abuse, now we need more attention and funding to help more victims.


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Menno Deen
Menno van Pelt-Deen


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