Felipe Álvarez
Felipe Álvarez

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Felipe: “Are you used to getting candidates to tell you what their plan is? VotaInteligente is the channel in which citizens and civil society proposes and the candidates commit publicly to those citizen’s proposals. The platform also enforces collective action by creating networks of citizens that are interested in the same issues, and encourages civil society organizations to provide help and advocacy means to groups of citizens that are not necessarily organized.”

In election times VotaInteligente is the place where citizens and CSOs propose and the candidates commit to those proposals.

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Over the last decades in Latin America in general, there has been a constant lowering in voter turnout, we believe that this is just another face of the weakening of the link between citizenship and political power. But on the other hand the number of public demonstrations has been on the rise making us think that there is a lack of institutional channels for citizens to influence what is public.

On the other hand, historically the relationship between citizens and authorities has been top-bottom and citizens have been no more than mere observers of the changes that authorities and political power are pushing, leaving their opinions to suggestions.

What is your solution to this problem?
During election time, public policies are one of the most important topics of conversation of media and citizens, this is why we chose this particular period to:

  1. Create awareness between authorities of the need for newer and better channels for citizens to influence their environment.
  2. Create awareness among citizens and civil society of the need for a proactive approach to advocacy. And also that creating links with other civil society organizations and citizens makes their cause stronger.

Why are you going to win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation?
Because our project is addressing one of the biggest issues of politics in this days in a creative and proactive way. Because we believe that we can change the world by doing a small change in the way citizens behave towards policy making and advocating for the public good.


Felipe Alvarez

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