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Rural communities in developing countries are already experiencing some of the worst impacts of climate change, but are often left to their own devices to cope with and adapt to these changes. WWF Climate Crowd ( is an initiative to crowdsource this data through collaboration with numerous partners, and develop and implement solutions that help people and nature adapt.

Crowdsourcing to help people and nature in a changing climate

Project description

What problem are you trying to solve?
Vulnerable communities across the globe are already experiencing some of the worst impacts of climate change. However, they lack the resources to adapt to these changes, and their coping strategies often have detrimental impacts to biodiversity.


  • collecting and analyzing data independently takes time and resources
  • data on climate impacts on communities is limited in scope, and typically lacks impacts to biodiversity
  • funds for piloting novel, on the ground adaptation projects are limited

What is your solution to this problem?
Climate Crowd is a crowdsourcing initiative that convenes and supports a network of partners to gather data on how climate change is impacting people and nature, and supports on-the-ground projects that help rural communities adapt while reducing pressure on biodiversity.

What is your latest update on your innovation?
The project has been going for over 3 years now. We have collected data from over 30 countries, and have funded 8 on the ground projects in the last year. We also spent the last year participating in a Scale X Design challenge, where we developed a business plan, did research to better understand our users, and pitched the idea to donors.

We now seek to grow the project in the following ways:

  • Increase our funding of on the ground projects, both small scale ($1000-$3000 per project) and large scale ($15,000-$25,000 per project)
  • Install a global network of weather stations in remote areas and automate the upload of weather data ($1000 per station)
  • Provide increased technology and information access to vulnerable communities, including access to weather data and knowledge sharing between communities.


Nikhil Advani


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