Birth registration: Project Zero INvisible Children (ZINC)

We aim to permanently certify the identity of children in conflict zones by leveraging blockchain technology.

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We are establishing the Sovereignty Foundation. A platform for discussion, awareness and education surrounding the issues at hand, where all APIs developed will be available as free, open-source software to be used by other parties free of charge.
Next, we are now developing the actual electronic (legal) identity, authentication and trust service tools built upon the aforementioned APIs from the Sovereignty Foundation. One of these tools being the mobile application for the registration of legal identities through blockchain technology.

The Spindle Summer Labs have been incredibly valuable to us in refining our segmentation strategies and redefining the problem we are trying to solve, delivering us the right tools for the effective testing of our assumptions.

We will give invisible children a chance to have an incredible life by providing the tools to trusted institutions for the electronic registration of their legal identity

Toufic Al-Rjula (CEO of Tykn)

Birth Registration: ZINC

The Problem of Birth Registration
Birth registration is a basic human right for a good reason: it is an entry requirement for education, health care, the acquisition of travel documents, employee social security and even to open a bank account. Yet many children in conflict zones do not have the privilege of owning such a document, and are thus left unregistered, being denied this fundamental human right.

In fact, there are 230 million children under the age of 5 worldwide who do not possess a birth certificate. The harrowing effect of this is that without access to education, health care or mobility, these children face the increased risk of falling victim to child-trafficking, prostitution and child labour.

A Beacon of Hope
However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Last February, we ventured down to a Syrian refugee camp in the Bekaa-Barelias area in Lebanon, with the goal to learn as much as possible about the conditions the people there are living in to help in designing the most elegant solution. What we found was that, where the actual registration of children is even more cumbersome to refugees than we thought (especially for children past the age of one), a grand majority of people inside the refugee camp actually own or have access to a smartphone with a fair internet connection. This is our gateway to the solution these people deserve. By leveraging blockchain technology, specifically the “Hyperledger Indy” platform,

we are able to register the legal identity of these children permanently through a mobile application, forever. No matter the terrible conditions in the home countries of these children, they shall always be registered, where no war, database failure or human error could possibly change this.

Verifying and authenticating official documents on the bitcoin blockchain is what won Tykn the Google-powered hackathon Startup Weekend Utrecht 2016, and through our use of Hyperledger Indy and the Sovrin Network we are able to scale this to a whole new level.

Team members

Bas van Ooyen
Bas van Ooyen
Summer Lab Participant
Jimmy J.P. Snoek
Summer Lab Participant
Jip Nelissen
Jip Nelissen
And The People
Khalid Maliki
Summer Lab participant
Toufic Alrjoula
Summer Lab participant



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