Activism, Artivism and Beyond

Inspiring initiatives of civic power

With the spread of democracy around the world, opportunities for people to express their opinions, choose their own preferred way of life, and participate in politics, have been expanding. Think about the formal establishments of a range of civil rights and liberties, the advance of democracy, and the ever-growing access to information. Yet, these achievements are vulnerable as freedoms and rights of people and organisations, the so-called civic space, are recurrently under attack. That is why The Spindle, in collaboration with The Broker, published a Trends Report on Civic Power: Activism, Artivism and Beyond.

For this publication, the State of Civil Society report of Civicus was taken as a starting point to zoom in on the positive forces in society that seek to defend and expand civic space. The emphasis is on the constructive energy and innovative actions generated by people all over the world. This report draws attention to these ideas and experiences, and by sharing them seeks to provide inspiration and energy to others.

“Activism, Artivism and Beyond: Inspiring initiatives on civic power” is the first trends report of The Spindle and The Broker.

Publication date: June 2017

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