Adapt, Counteract or Transform

The future of Dutch development cooperation

What trends and insecurities have the most impact on the future of development cooperation? To answer this and other related questions in order to become future-fit in the field of development cooperation, The Spindle and Partos initiated the project of a Future Exploration. In close collaboration with Perspectivity, The Spindle guided this so-called exploration. A team of 35 explorers from the development sector created four plausible scenarios for the future and a fifth desirable future: A Future We Want. The end result of this project? The report ‘Adapt, Counteract or Transform. The future of Dutch development cooperation’.

The world changes rapidly, and in many respects so does development cooperation. It is difficult to fully grasp the changes, let alone to make well-informed choices in an environment with many uncertainties. Partos members, Dutch development organisations, need all their capacity to fulfil their mission. Anticipating the future and keeping the organisation future fit puts an additional strain on them. What do we need to adjust, what to abandon, how to harness new opportunities? And how to better relate to our partners? These challenges and questions inspired The Spindle, the innovation platform powered by Partos, to launch this future exploration of (Dutch) development cooperation.

The future exploration was based on a transformative scenario planning process, in which scenarios are not only used to understand and adapt to the future but also to change and challenge this future. Want to know how your organisation can become future-fit? Then dive into the report!

Publication date: April 2018
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