Blockchain for change

The human side

Many people know it as the technology behind Bitcoin, but blockchain’s potential uses extend far beyond digital currencies. What can Blockchain mean for NGOs or development cooperation? How can it help fight fraud, corruption, and centralization? And how can it support for example elections, property rights, security and civic power? The Spindle explored the possibilities of this technique together with PwC Blockchain Experience Lab, Humanity X, Yvo Hunink and several other parties. This exploration resulted amongst others in the publication Blockchain for Change.

There is a new glow on the horizon. Blockchain technology is promising impact in most of the dominant industries of this era. But can it also have an impact on the humanitarian sector? Will it change the way we operate or is it all just a hype?

Resulting from recent events, the trust in NGOs might be considered at an all-time low. Society is requesting a culture change. Will Blockchain help this change, or is it not providing an alternative to humanitarian activities? The events can follow both paths. Everything just depends on how the innovation of the technology is approached in our sensitive and centralised societal structures.

This report will guide you through the rapidly changing status quo of blockchain projects.

Publication date: February 2018
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