Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças

Civil Society Action for Inclusion

Around the world, too many people are still excluded from some or more aspects of life because of who they are or who they love; because of what they do, have or don’t have; or because of where or how they live their lives. In our newest publication, Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças: Civil society action for inclusion, the various barriers these people are facing are discussed, as well as the ways in which they themselves and the organizations that support them are working to ensure their inclusion in society. This publication is the third edition in a series about creative, inspiring and innovative civil society activities around the world – initiated by The Spindle and The Broker.

It is impossible to discuss every group that faces exclusion, or every aspect of life that people are excluded from. Rather, what this colourful book serves to do is foster an awareness of the importance of inclusion and make our readers take a good hard look in the mirror: Are you contributing to an equal and inclusive world? Is there anything more you, or your organization, could do to make sure everyone is included? It is our hope that the stories that follow give you new ideas and inspiration and that they help you find new ways to reach those people who face exclusion.

Each chapter of this publication deals with a different dimension of inclusion, all of them divided into two sections. The first section consists of an analysis, describing the ways in which people are excluded, supplemented by examples of civil society initiatives that promote their inclusion. Thereafter, one particularly inspiring initiative is described in greater detail to illustrate how civil society is already striving for an inclusive world.

Publication date: October 2019
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Series: Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças is a follow-up to the 2018 publication Joining forces, sharing power: civil society collaborations for the future and the 2017 publication Activism, Artivism and Beyond: inspiring initiatives of civic power.

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