Innovative financing instruments for development

Popping up like daisies

The traditional instruments for financing development are insufficient or inadequate to face the current development challenges. Accordingly, innovative financing instruments are popping up everywhere in the development sector. The multitude of initiatives makes it difficult for NGOs to orient themselves in this field. The publication ‘Innovative financing instruments for development, popping up like daisies’ aims to give an overview of the opportunities, challenges and impacts of these innovative financing instruments.

In 2019, The Spindle organised a number of sessions on how different organisations in the field are working with innovative ways of financing development. Each session touched upon on one or two innovative financing instruments that are currently being explored, experimented or implemented. Together with an active community of NGOs, consultants, journalists and other (private) actors working on this topic, we explored a multitude of instruments to realise effective and efficient ways of financing development. We treated, for example, Social Franchising, Unconditional Cash Transfers, Impact Investment and Social Impact Bonds. During the informative and interactive sessions, we kept track of all the key findings and important lessons learned. And now all this knowledge has been bundled in our newest publication: Innovative financing instruments for development, popping up like daisies.

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Publication date: January 2020
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