Joining forces, sharing power

Civil society collaborations for the future

The challenges we face today are characterised by their complex, multifaced nature and need concerted, multidimensional action to meet them. In order to overcome these challenges and subsequently achieve an inclusive and sustainable society, we must explore new ways of working together. Motivated by the recognition that we must work together to find solutions to our common challenges, The Spindle joined forces with The Broker (again), to celebrate inspiring and innovative collaborations in civil society. How? By publishing Joining forces, sharing power: civil society collaborations for the future.

This report showcases the many ways in which civil society has managed to bridge gaps, overcome differences and work together in creative and transformative ways, with likely as well as unlikely partners.

The central question: how can we make better use of energy, creativity, resources and competencies that organisations and individuals want to share in their strive for a better world? By joining forces and sharing power opportunities arise for inclusive and sustainable development. Money is no longer the dominant factor: it’s about equal collaborations and connections between people, organisations and communities. With the support of CIVICUS, we selected examples of collaborations that are particularly inspiring or innovative. Read Joining forces, sharing power and celebrate these collaborations with us!


Publication date: October 2018
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Series: Joining forces, sharing power is a follow-up to the 2017 publication Activism, Artivism and Beyond: inspiring initiatives of civic power (which was the first publication deriving from a collaboration between The Broker and The Spindle).

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