NGO and company partnerships for inclusive business

A practical guide which focuses on the 'how' of inclusive business partnerships

Inclusive business partnerships between NGOs and companies have a very specific form: they start from a concrete opportunity to improve the lives of low-income and marginalised people and then address this opportunity with a financially viable business model that helps ensure sustainable impact. Many NGOs and companies are interested in engaging in such partnerships but often struggle with the “how”. The Guide on NGO and Company Partnerships for Inclusive Business provides NGO practitioners with useful instructions on the topic, by looking at the current practice of such partnerships.

Endeva, who was commissioned by The Spindle to write this publication, collected a number of case studies. The content was fine-tuned with a core group of the Dutch Platform Leave No One Behind (consisting of various members of Partos). Accordingly, the Guide is specifically aimed at NGOs, but it is undoubtedly relevant for companies too to be able to understand their NGO partners better and be confronted with a mirror of their own experience. The publication is a very practical tool which focuses on the how of inclusive business partnerships and covers the entire process – from the decision to engage in such a partnership to the possibilities of scaling up or moving on.


Publication date: June 2019
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