The Spindle Summer Labs - Best Idea for Development

Land Rights Unchained! wins the Best Idea Award 2018!

Summer Labs – Best Idea for Development

At the Partos Innovation Festival, the following three nominees were competing for The Best Idea Award 2018: Land Rights Unchained!, Protection Power, and Upinion.

During this year’s summer, the Summer Labs have accelerated nine innovative ideas that contribute to an inclusive, just and sustainable world. There, the jury chose the three nominees that were in the running to win The Best Idea Award 2018. Finally, the jury chose Land Rights Unchained! as the winner of €5.000,- seed money! This project was followed by Upinion, that won €2.500,- and, last, by Protection Power, that received €1.000,-!

At the Summer Labs, we aim to create a space in which creativity is triggered and boosted the setup of a new planprojectbusiness model, policyproduct or service in the world of international development. We did so, following our philosophy: ”You learn best when you have fun, are connected and passionate about the idea you’re working on”.

What we offer:

Ready-to-go pilot proposition
Through actively engaging in a creative programme you can accelerate your idea in one summer into a ready-to-go pilot proposition.

Intense coaching
Besides sharing innovation insights and knowledge, the experienced team of facilitators provide creative support and personal coaching.

Access to donors and constructing a fundraising strategy
During The Spindle Summer Labs, you create a funding plan for your pilot and get the chance to present it to potential donors and our jury.

Our expert network and new connections
You can access and make use of The Spindle’s network of 100+ NGOs and experts from a variety of backgrounds. Hook on to them and the needed expertise for your idea.

Personal and team development
While working with your team on your idea, you will gain new skills and insights on Human Centred Design and developing new concepts.








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