Civic Power

Worldwide the space for civic action is shrinking. Whilst civic countervailing, convening and cocreative power is key for a healthy society. Join The Spindle in highlighting inspiring civic initiatives and to develop approaches to circumvent restrictions.

Civic Power

Do you have a plan to develop capacities for lobbying and advocacy or new approaches to mobilise people for the cause of a better world? Do you seek partners to elaborate ideas for new strategies and tools to monitor and combat threats to civic space? Innovative strategies to help where civic space is under pressure?

Worldwide the space for civic action is shrinking. The trend takes place in countries where Dutch development organizations are cooperating with local partners, but also more and more in rich, Western countries. This is worrying because it endangers the essential role of civil society actors in development.

The Spindle is dedicated to highlight inspiring initiatives of countervailing, convening and co-creative civic power and to jointly seek ways to circumvent unjust restrictions of civic participation and freedom. June 26 The Spindle, together with The Broker Online, will publish the first edition of The Spindle monitor dedicated to civic power.

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